Famous Raksha Bandhan Humayun Sister Hindi Punjabi Story In Hindi & Gujarati

By | July 30, 2017

Famous Raksha Bandhan Humayun Sister Punjabi Story In Hindi: Friends welcome you to on our official website of Raksha Bandhan 2017 Images. Friends today we are here to giving you a very special story. Yes, today we provide a historical story which is related with Raksha Bandhan. In this site, we have many ancient periods’ stories of Raksha Bandhan.

You can read these stories and get all information about this festival of Rakhi. In this post, you can read Raksha Bandhan Humayun Story and his sister. In ancient period peoples never forget their promises. They always remembered their Promises which they were done. Everybody knows that Raksha bandhan is the festival of the love of siblings.

राजपूत जब लड़ाई पर जाते थे तब महिलाएं उनको माथे पर कुमकुम तिलक लगाने के साथ-साथ हाथ में रेशमी धागा भी बाँधती थी। इस विश्वास के साथ कि यह धागा उन्हें विजयश्री के साथ वापस ले आएगा।

राखी के साथ एक और ऐतिहासिक प्रसंग जुड़ा हुआ है। मुग़ल काल के दौर में जब मुग़ल बादशाह हुमायूँ चितौड़ पर आक्रमण करने बढ़ा तो राणा सांगा की विधवा कर्मवती ने हुमायूँ को राखी भेजकर रक्षा वचन ले लिया। हुमायूँ ने इसे स्वीकार करके चितौड़ पर आक्रमण का ख़्याल दिल से निकाल दिया और कालांतर में मुसलमान होते हुए भी राखी की लाज निभाने के लिए चितौड़ की रक्षा हेतु बहादुरशाह के विरूद्ध मेवाड़ की ओर से लड़ते हुए कर्मवती और मेवाड़ राज्य की रक्षा की।

सुभद्राकुमारी चौहान ने शायद इसी का उल्लेख अपनी कविता, ‘राखी’ में किया है:

मैंने पढ़ा, शत्रुओं को भी
जब-जब राखी भिजवाई
रक्षा करने दौड़ पड़े वे
राखी-बन्द शत्रु-भाई॥


Rani Karnawati and Emperor Humayun

The story of Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun is the most significant evidence in the history. During the medieval era, Rajputs were fighting Muslim invasions. Rakhi at that time meant a spiritual binding and protection of sisters was foremost. When Rani Karnawati the widowed queen of the king of Chittor realised that she could in no way defend the invasion of the Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah, she sent a rakhi to Emperor Humayun. The Emperor touched by the gesture started off with his troops without wasting any time.

Famous Raksha Bandhan Humayun Sister Punjabi Story In Hindi

On this day siblings feel very happy and enjoy a lot. You can also get these Famous Raksha Bandhan Story In Hindi. These stories are fair and true. We also provide you Humayun story in the Hindi language. You can read these stories any time when you want to collect information about Raksha Bandhan. Also, read our other posts of Raksha Bandhan Wishes.

Raksha Bandhan Humayun Sister Story In English –  Raksha Bandhan History

Friends if you are interested in reading stories. If you want to know that why we celebrate Raksha Bandhan? Then you need to read our stories posts of Raksha Bandhan. There is a very interesting story of Humayun who is a Muslim king. But he accepted the Rakhi from his stepsister which is in problem at that time.

Here we have many wonderful Raksha Bandhan Humayun History in English. You can read these stories and get all details of Rakhi celebration. We also provide you History of Raksha Bandhan in hindi language. If you want to teach someone these stories. Then you can use Raksha bandhan History in English. You can also download these stories as a pdf file.

We also have the other stories of Raksha Bandhan Celebration. These all stories are real stories and written by famous writers. Read this Humayun Sister Raksha bandhan Story In Hindi. Now here are the stories of Humayun Sister Rakhi history. This story is available in Hindi and English language.

Why We Celebrate Raksha Bandhan ?

Here is the answer why we celebrate Raksha bandhan festival. Friends this story provides you all historical knowledge about Raksha bandhan. You will also send these stories to your friends. Here we also have many other stories of Rakhi festival.

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Famous Raksha Bandhan Humayun Sister Punjabi Story In Hindi

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